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my favourite picture

Oprettet d. 15 november , 2010 - af NLR - Kategori: Models, Photo of the day

I just wanted to step by to show you my all time favourite picture. I don’t really know why but there’s just something in this picture that totally does it for me! Jessica Stam’s soft expression, the simplicity and the b/w. I’m in love. What do you think of this? And what is your favourite [...]

it’s not something you spell but something you feel

Oprettet d. 30 oktober , 2010 - af NLR - Kategori: Inspiration of the day, Photo of the day

Source: Fashiontoast.Today I’m feeling.. yeah.. pretty much like I felt yesterday! But anyways I’m going to ‘dress up’ a little bit since we’re having guests at home and therefore going to have the BEST food ever (i love food)! Have a lovely Saturday night, sweetpies. xoxo NLR

black star

Oprettet d. 20 oktober , 2010 - af NLR - Kategori: Models, Photo of the day

I have had a looooooong hangover day today! Going to be great with a whole bunch of sleep now. And looking forward to a well-needed shoppingtime with one of my girls tomorrow. Goodnight lovelies, xoxo NLR

i still sleep with the lights on

Oprettet d. 18 august , 2010 - af NLR - Kategori: Models, Photo of the day

Old one of Natalia.   I’m tireeeeeeeeeeed. Going to bed while looking forward to weekend. Lot of great things going on. xxxxx NLR

meet me in the moonlight

Oprettet d. 26 juli , 2010 - af NLR - Kategori: Besides Fashion, Personal Blogging, Photo of the day

The picture is an understatement of how beautiful the moonlight looked last night. But this is my view just 30 meters from the cottage. Perfection. Right now my sister and I are lying in our room by our computers. There’s just no time to blog besides here at night – so much is going on, [...]

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